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Why Open Source Software?

Open Source ideology The idea of Open Source Software (OSS) has existed for many years. Its main purpose is to hand over with the program its source code and the right to use the program and its code for free. This condition refers to all kinds of program distribution - both commercial sal ... Continue Reading

How to Detect Spyware and Quickly Remove It

Spyware, adware and malware are a fact of life and it only adds stress to our lives when we think about the problems that each causes. The best way to handle it is to simply remove it from your system, often, and move on. The easiest way to detect spyware is to use quality software to scan ... Continue Reading

Remove Trojans from Your Computer in 10 Minutes

Once you understand how to remove Trojans, the process can be duplicated on a daily or weekly basis to keep your computer clean. The average anti virus programs will not remove Trojans easily, so if you have tried that route you may want to read the steps below for additional guidance. When T ... Continue Reading