Shower Twice A Day

Shower twice a day. Shower at night immediately before you go to bed and in the morning soon after you wake up. Why? It ultimately goes back to getting a good nights rest. Do not start showering in the evening until you are ready for sleep. It perviously took me 30 minutes to an hour to go to sleep every single night for as long as I can remember.

Since showering at night, I’m out of it within a matter of minutes.Like others who shower at night, I find it helps totally relax me. I turn the water on as hot as I can bear it and just stand there for about 10 minutes. I’ll then do a fairly quick bathe and from there go directly to bed.

It usually helps to get your hair as dry as you can with a towel, but a little dampness will help you feel refreshed when you lie down. So my suggestion? Shower at night right before you go to bed and shower again when you wake up. Try if for atleast one week. It will surely help you get to sleep faster and sleep better.

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