How To Become A Millionaire in 5 Simple Steps

To become a millionaire you have to think & act like a millionaire. Millionaires truly do think differently than regular people. Luck has nothing to do with it.

Almost everyone claims that they want to become a millionaire but unfortunately most people act & think in contradicting ways.

Someone may claim that they want to become rich but if you suggest a night out at a seminar that costs money the first thing out of their mouth might be “I can’t afford it."

The truth of the matter is that most people would like to get rich only if they didn’t have to go out of their way for it. The same thing applies to getting in shape. Many want to get in shape & lose weight but can’t seem to get on the treadmill.

Everything in life that is great or out of the ordinary has a cost & the people who choose to pay the price will achieve it.

The thing about getting anything that may appear hard in life is usually only hard at the beginning. It’s like an airplane before take off. It will take all the power that the plane has to get off the ground but when it’s in the air it only needs less than 40 percent of its power to keep going. The game of life is no different.

Here are 5 Simple Steps to becoming a Millionaire:

1. Desire
2. Growth
3. Belief
4. Courage
5. Opportunity


This is the main component for success. You will need a white flame burning desire to become a millionaire. If your desire is not strong enough then you will not be able to pay the price in order to succeed causing you to quit at the first road block or problem. Most people lack this main component.


You must have an open mind. You will need room for growth no matter how smart you think you are. Always seek wisdom. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Millionaires are no different. No matter what level they are at they are always constantly seeking guidance & motivation. Super Achievers rarely ever watch TV or listen to the radio. When they are in the car they listen to some kind of motivational CD. When they are in the house they read books. They even receive coaching on a regular basis no matter what level of success they have achieved.

Have you ever heard stories about people who were broke one year after they won the lottery? Well it happens all the time. The problem is that they didn’t seek wise council about how to keep & grow their money.


If you don’t believe that you will be successful then you won’t be. Belief is one of the main components for success. The only way that you can achieve success without totally believing it is if your desire is strong enough. Your desire will guide you to belief. Desire is King.


To become a millionaire you will have to take the road less travelled. You will have to make decisions that most people won’t. You will have to make sacrifices that most people won’t. It will take a lot of courage but if your desire is strong enough then you will do it.


Look for an opportunity that can take you to where you want to go. Look for ways to increase your main cash flow. If you have a job but want more money then keep your job & look for something that can give you a residual or passive income stream. Find an opportunity to give you more additional income without having to put in constant effort. Learn about it & make it work. Once it starts paying you enough money then find another income stream & repeat. The only way to true wealth is to be making money in your sleep.

Most people “try" to get wealthy by working harder & longer. That may make you a little more money but not enough to get rich on. Some even think that saving will help. It is always a good idea to save if you can but that still won’t get you rich.

Some even try to be safe & invest in mutual funds. The thing is that there just really isn’t anything safe. Entrepreneur means a risk taking person. This is why only 1 percent of the population makes 97 percent of the money. They take calculated risks that the average Joe will not do.

True success comes from within. If you don’t already know this then one day you will find that truth out. Most people look for success outside of themselves & they will never find it that way. A mentor can only guide you but success will have to be made by you.

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