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What is Health?

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Health is a positive concept emphasizing social and personal resources, as well as physical capacities. Health include many aspects. Mental health is a concept that refers to a human individual's emotional and psychologica ... Continue Reading

How much sleep do we need?

This depends mainly on how old we are. Babies sleep for about 17 hours each day. Older children only need 9 or 10 hours a night. Most adults need around 7-8 hours sleep each night. Older people need the same amount of sleep, but will often only have one period of deep sleep during the night, usually in the first 3 or 4 hours, after whic ... Continue Reading

Tips for getting to sleep faster and sleeping better

I’ve pieced together various bits of advice I’ve received over the past few months that have not only helps me get to sleep faster, but helps me get a better nights sleep. Don’t watch TV or even so much as look at a computer screen atleast 30 minutes before you lie down. The light from both a television as well as a computer monitor mimi ... Continue Reading

Shower Twice A Day

Shower twice a day. Shower at night immediately before you go to bed and in the morning soon after you wake up. Why? It ultimately goes back to getting a good nights rest. Do not start showering in the evening until you are ready for sleep. It perviously took me 30 minutes to an hour to go to s ... Continue Reading

Why Open Source Software?

Open Source ideology The idea of Open Source Software (OSS) has existed for many years. Its main purpose is to hand over with the program its source code and the right to use the program and its code for free. This condition refers to all kinds of program distribution - both commercial sal ... Continue Reading

How to Detect Spyware and Quickly Remove It

Spyware, adware and malware are a fact of life and it only adds stress to our lives when we think about the problems that each causes. The best way to handle it is to simply remove it from your system, often, and move on. The easiest way to detect spyware is to use quality software to scan ... Continue Reading

Remove Trojans from Your Computer in 10 Minutes

Once you understand how to remove Trojans, the process can be duplicated on a daily or weekly basis to keep your computer clean. The average anti virus programs will not remove Trojans easily, so if you have tried that route you may want to read the steps below for additional guidance. When T ... Continue Reading

Attract Birds To Your Garden

One of the greatest gifts we can give children is to encourage them to develop a taste for gardening. Whether the children are our own at home, or in our charge at school, we should always be on the look out for ways of stimulating their interest. A fruitful and challenging step in this direction is to attract birds to the garden. There are many reasons why ... Continue Reading

Attract Butterflies To Your Garden

Butterflies are colorful creatures that are special and wonderful additions to your garden. A carefully planned garden can attract butterflies that sip nectar from many flowers and search for a place to lay their larvae. Butterfly gardens are basically organic gardens that use no chemicals. With this in mind, be sure to create a safety zone for your butterflies. ... Continue Reading

Easy Water Gardening

If you've wanted to add water to your landscaping, a water feature is the perfect, easy way to get started. Water features are today's hottest trend in landscaping. Water features or gardens create a great natural focal point in your gardens and the sight and sound of running water brings a mag ... Continue Reading